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Relate Jersey offer Relationship counselling for individuals or couples and Pyschosexual therapy.

Relationship counselling sets out to help clients recognise the cause of their problems and equips them with the understanding and skills necessary to improve their relationship with each other. This often avoids the unnecessary breakdown of a relationship and the benefits to families are considerable. Even when a couple decides that their marriage or relationship must end, counselling helps them to reduce the hostility and emotional damage of divorce or separation and to find sufficient goodwill to co-operate over the parenting of children. It also helps people start fresh relationships with a greater chance of success.

Pyschosexual therapy recognises the impact that sexual difficulties can have on an individual and their intimate relationships.  The therapists are highly trained and will quickly put the client at ease providing a safe, confidential space to give the client the freedom to talk openly about often very sensitive matters.


The first appointment is a one hour consultation with a counsellor who will be able to advise if Relate can help. It is then up to the client(s) to decide if they want to commit to further counselling sessions on a regular basis.  The sessions are usually once a week for just under an hour with the same counsellor.  Counselling continues for as long as the client(s) feel is it helpful.